Cognitive API architecture for Ehsaas’ One Window Socioeconomic Registry approved

Staff Reporter

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection, Dr. Sania Nishtar on Sunday approved “One Window Socioeconomic Registry”, the Cognitive API architecture for Ehsaas.

The Cognitive API architecture for Ehsaas’ National Socio-Economic Registry 2021 is one of the six main pillars of ‘One Window Ehsaas’.

With the survey, which is building the registry currently 90.5% complete nationwide, Ehsaas is firming up its plans to open data sharing and data access services for all executing agencies under the Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division (PASSD).

Through the Cognitive API Architecture approach, data sharing will be done.
The deployment of Ehsaas API architecture for data sharing will allow executing agencies to access data from the unified registry in real-time to validate beneficiary information.
This will empower them to ascertain eligibility of potential beneficiaries.

All agencies across all Ehsaas programs will witness the benefits which each family and individual is receiving from each organization.

There will be two-way data sharing; agencies with whom data will be shared will also be required to update the registry with their own information, hence the registry will become more robust over time.

A final presentation was made to Dr. Sania Nishtar who closely oversaw this process.
The SAPM praised the technical team working on Ehsaas Cognitive API Architecture approach and congratulated them.

Later, this service will be extended to provinces and other government agencies implementing Ehsaas programs as well.

The API architecture for data sharing will facilitate adoption of the Ehsaas One Window targeting Policy.

The objective of this policy is to make targeting predictable, evidence based, transparent and effective in the Ehsaas ecosystem.

Under the same architecture, the Utility Stores Corporation has also been linked with the Ehsaas database, which will underpin execution of a commodity subsidies program.
This approach is being adopted for the first time and will usher in transparency.

Previously, there was no way for one government agency to know what the support, an individual or a family was getting from another government agency.

Some families with connections and influence were getting multiple benefits and other more deserving ones were getting none.

Now, with the data integration, Ehsaas agencies will be able to see what benefits an individual or the households is getting. But more importantly, it will also reflect their entitlement in terms of various Ehsaas programmes and initiatives, because the data sharing is pegged with the Ehsaas One Window targeting Policy.

The integrated registry and the cognitive API Architecture for the registry is one pillar of the One Window Ehsaas, which will be launched this week.

It has six main components: one-stop-shop centers; an integrated digital interface facing the office; a digital information and services platform; a mobile app; an integrated database comprising of cognitive API architecture; and the standardized beneficiary targeting policy.

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