Clearing incompetents more crucial than clearing drains: PSP chief



Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Friday said that the incompetent Sindh government neither could clear the drains nor made any arrangement for sewerage system in the city.

He expressed these views while addressing the district in-charges of Karachi.Clearing incompetents is more crucial than clearing drains.

The prejudice of incompetent and corrupt rulers has turned Allah Almighty’s blessing rain into torment for this city dwellers. Mountains of rubbish littered the houses with rainwater.

Every year youngsters are dying due to electrocution in rains but the rulers turn deaf ear and blind eye over this grim situation because the rulers considers people of Karachi is like forced labour.

For the tyrants, incompetents, corrupt and bigoted rulers, the dying people of Karachi are just a number.

PSP stands against all sort of oppression, we will never allow the nation to fall prey to oppressive rulers.

He further said that the political parties present in the parliament by taking mandate from Karachi have stabbed Karachi in the back.

“When I invested Rs 300 billion on the city of Karachi during my tenure as City Mayor, Karachi was ranked among the twelve fastest growing cities in the world.

The world recognized our performance, but today, with thousands of billions of rupees, Karachi is among one of the worst livable cities in the world.”


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