Citizens advised to use, consume properly treated water


Doctors fearing outbreak of gastroenteritis and other water borne diseases in Karachi have urged citizens in general to ensure simple and cost effective but efficient water treatment options to help protect themselves against associated risks.
Repeated reports about murky water being supplied to many parts of Karachi, through regular pipes of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) as well tankers, has largely alarmed members of medical community with regard to health status of its inhabitants. Talking to media on Saturday, they feared that situation may turn extremely serious lest immediate actions are taken by the authorities to ensure long lasting intervention.
“I would strongly suggest that people may not even use this discoloured water for washing and bathing purpose,” said Dr. Irfan Haq, a senior GP.
Mentioning that putting water purifying tablets, that are easily available in the market, in underground and/or overhead tanks can be an option, he further advised the citizens to adequately boil water available with them and preferably subject it further to alum treatment so that all impurities may settle down.
“This may not be very convenient and also time consuming but till the situation improves people must continue making extra effort,” said Atta Rab, an ophthalmologist by qualification.—APP

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