Chung rickshaw gang rape case Mother-daughter duo records statement

Staff Reporter

The woman and her daughter who were sexually assaulted the past week in the Chung area on Thursday recorded their statement to the police, recalling the horrifying details of their calamity at the hands of the alleged rapist rickshaw driver.

The woman said they were not familiar with the Lahore routes when they visited it from their area Thokar Niaz Baig. She said to have come here only twice in her entire life.

When they reached Lahore and stepped down from their bus they got into the rickshaw whose driver offered to take them to the destination against Rs300.

As they began their journey, the driver took them to a dim-lit scheme area in Chung where he parked the rickshaw and assaulted them both with his accomplice.

“I begged them to spare my little daughter, but they held a gun on us and directed us to step outside of the vehicle,” the woman told police in her statement.

Medical report has confirmed the sexual assault on the mother-daughter duo. On the other hand, the daughter of the woman, said she implored the rapists not to assault her mother given she has a heart condition. The girl said one of the rapists, Umar, sexually assaulted them both one by one.

Of the other alleged rapist, Mansab, the girl noted that he only raped the mother and spared her.

Only after a car driver came to their rescue that the rapists ran away. Abbas, who rescued them, also informed the police and took them to the local hospital, the statement added.

The medico-legal report on the mother-daughter duo rape case had confirmed sexual assault was inflicted upon them.

The DNA samples of the two accused in the Chung gang-rape case, both arrested, will be sent to the lab to establish whether it matches that of the victims, police said.

Both the arrested accused will be presented before the court for police remand, they said.


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