Chohan chides Bilawal for tall, hollow claims


Says ‘political monster’ eaten away on Karachi as well as Sindh resources

Staff Reporter

Punjab Minister for Prisons and Spokesperson for the Punjab government, Fayyazul Hassan Chohan on Monday termed Bilawal Zardari a political monster that has eaten away the resources of Karachi as well as the whole of Sindh province.

In a statement, the spokesperson said the misdeeds of Bilawal’s corrupt father have been written in black words and the havoc played with Sindh is known to everybody. Bilawal should remember that the blood of Mr.10 Percent runs in his body, having no relevance to the Bhutto family’s political dynasty.

He asserted that the certified political dacoits from Sindh cannot succeed in hoodwinking the people of Punjab as they have shown a mirror to Bilawal and his ‘Tanga Party’ by rejecting them.

After his continuous defeat from everywhere, the political dwarf also faced humiliation in south Punjab as the people have realized that corrupt have no room in the politics, he added.

Little Bilawal should measure his political height before uttering remarks; he advised and lamented that the service-centric politics of PM Imran Khan and CM Usman Buzdar is unacceptable to the PPP.

He regretted that both PML (N) and PPP made a dacoity on the rights of the people of south Punjab. Instead of carving out a separate south Punjab province, they continued to steal the funds and befooled the people with hollow slogans, he lamented.

Meanwhile, the CM Usman Buzdar has returned the rights to the people of south Punjab and the credit of setting up the south Punjab secretariat goes to him, he stated.

The cabinet has also approved rules of business and the secretaries of the south Punjab secretariat have been fully empowered so that the people may not have to travel to Lahore for the solution of their problems, concluded the CM.

Meanwhile, Punjab Law and Cooperatives Minister Raja Basharat in his special message on Defence Day said that September 6 is a day of pride for the entire nation because on the same day in 1965, the brave soldiers of Pakistan Army defeated the enemy three times bigger than Pakistan.

He said that the soldiers of Pak Army protected the nation and country by shedding their blood for which the entire nation pays homage to those great martyrs.

Raja Basharat said that even today the nation is united under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pak forces are stronger than ever.

He said that if the enemy saw with dirty eyes towards Pakistan, it would once again suffer a humiliating defeat.

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