Chinese Embassy announces video contest to celebrate Pak-China diplomatic relations

City Reporter

The Chinese Embassy in cooperation with Likee launched a short video contest ’70 years of Togetherness’ on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Pakistan-China Diplomatic relations.

According to a statement issued by China Cultural Counsellor the duration of the activity is four months, divided into two phases of monthly competition and finals.

Likee official will release the monthly topics and the users will join the activity by uploading videos with this topic.

At the end of each month, video data will be saved and 18 high-quality works will be selected and announced for a reward.

During the event, the first three months will be a monthly competition and four-month will be the finals month.

The works selected in the monthly competition can be directly entered in the final and five final winners will be produced in the finals. One theme for October is ‘My Story with China’.

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