China presents a fresh approach to the world on development paths


Chinese modernization presents a fresh approach for the world to consider when it comes to development paths. This is especially vital given the challenges posed by climate change and growing geopolitical competition, according to a report carried by Gwadar Pro on Wednesday. China’s resolute efforts to address the global deficits of development, peace, governance, and trust through modernization is a new phenomenon that is being viewed with suspicion by the Westerners. In simple words, the Chinese modernization contains four essential attributes – cooperation, harmony, peace, and development – as a path to creating a global community with a shared future. The world is closely watching China’s modernization process. With skyrocketing inflation and the erosion of many economies after three years of pandemic, the global community is acutely aware of the need to prioritize effective modernization efforts. Dispelling the notion that “modernization equals Westernization,” China’s astounding development has corroborated the fact that there is alternative, viable, practical and more effective approach to modernization for developing nations.