Ceremony of fine Arts thesis display held at ACP


Organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, the Mini Theses Show 2022 of Fine Art 3rd Year students under the Arts Council Institute of Arts and Crafts was organized at Ahmed Parvez Art Gallery in which the students presented their creations for exhibition.

Thesis Show was inaugurated by Provincial Minister of Labour and Manpower Saeed Ghani and President of Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, ACIAC Principal Shahid Rasaam, Zeeshan, Masood Alam Khan and other teachers were also present on this occasion. Expressing the opinion Saeed Ghani, said, “I congratulate all the office bearers, the outline that comes to the mind of an Arts Council, this Arts Council fully fulfills it. These students will make a name for them and also make a name for the country.

He said that the student work is so beautiful that it is not understood whose work is the best. Arts Council is working on all dimensions of art which The work of these children will improve more, he said that the Sindh government never regretted that we supported in the wrong place, Ahmed Shah and his team want to make this city like Karachi used to be a city of arts personalities, seeing them, more children from poor families will be inspired by them.

President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah while speaking said that we have tried to revive this institute, we have focused from the beginning on those students who are hardworking and cannot afford expensive fine art education because the children of Rich people  they have many opportunities, they have money, they can go to Europe and America to study. He said that when these students came here, they did not have confidence, here Hindu, Christian, Muslim student of different religions, languages, colors and races.

By working and learning seamlessly together, I am very proud that we have succeeded to a large extent in our goal of creating an institute, the Arts Council will transform the Institute of Arts and Crafts into a university, just as the District The Institute of Arts in Central has been entrusted to us and if Faizi Rahmeen is also found, we will do more work.

They are working hard, none of these teachers teach because of money but they support us in our vision, Art School Principal Shahid Rasaam said that students of Art School of Arts Council have presented their creations, this is the 3rd year.

This is a continuous journey that we started with President Arts Council Muhammad Shah; great artists have come out of here in the past, just as Ahmed Shah gave a new life to the Arts Council. Also revived the institute, we revived the cause, provided opportunities to the people of this city who don’t have the resources who can’t afford the expensive fine art education, they were given an environment that would give them a better future.