CBC’s irresponsible attitude


The Cantonment Board, Clifton (CBC) is supposed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in DHA, Karachi. It claims it is very particular about creating hygienic conditions for residents living in this area. On its website, its slogan is: ‘Zealously Working for a Greener, Healthier Environment.’ One even notices CBC employees sweeping roads every morning in various parts of DHA.
However, there is an open plot at 22-C, Lane 12, off, Khayaban-i-Nishat (lane right after the Culligan Depot), where garbage is thrown day in and day out which creates an unhygienic environment for residents of area. Garbage creates hordes of flies, mosquitoes and creates an intolerable stench. This is against all norms of healthy living. Please note such garbage disposal is not noticed anywhere else in DHA though other parts of Karachi are sorry victims of humongous garbage mismanagement.
I am a journalist and also work for a PR company. I am a resident of Akbar Arcade and have repeatedly requested the CEO and PRO of CBC to take immediate notice of the garbage dump and have it removed but they have not taken any action. I have also apprised the DHA but they say that only CBC is responsible for this. I hope immediate action will be taken in this regard as situation is fast becoming alarming.
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