Psychologists in institutions


There is dire need of psychologists in our institutions because people suffer from depression and hyper pressure due to tense environment, which has been created due to bad external and internal circumstances around us. Our people are poor victim of this environment.
The psychologists can play an important role to treat people who have become deviant and do not act properly. This condition is also found in our educational as well as in other social and public institutions. The psychologists are nowhere found in such institutions and people are suffering because of it. Our government is ignorant of this fact that people are suffering from multiple issues.
The rising poverty, inflation, less perks and privileges also are cause of depression and pessimism. This issue is rapidly increasing and is devouring people day by day. The psychologists are also needed in educational institutions because our students are suffering from depression and phobia of being a failure. If we have psychologists, they can treat vulnerable people of depression and that will be a service to humanity.
Larkana, Sindh

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