Buzdar condemns opp for doing politics over sensitive issue



Staff Reporter

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has termed the opposition’s rallies and protest a futile and meaningless and said that neither these elements were sincere and loyal with the people in the past nor they will be in future.

The Chief Minister said that the opposition should realize the seriousness of the current circumstances and avoid spreading chaos

Usman Buzdar condemned the opposition’s attempt to divide the nation in such critical situations and said that the opposition does not care about the people or the country.

These elements are only putting national interests at stake just for gaining political millage. The present scenario demands unity, brotherhood and solidarity from us as there is no room for the politics of self-interest in the current circumstances.

Those who are doing politics of self-interest should regain their senses. The opposition should refrain itself for spreading anarchy but unfortunately, their motive is to safeguard their vested interests.

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