#BoycottMoneyHeist: Furious fans call out cast for supporting Israel

#BoycottMoneyHeist: Furious fans call out cast for supporting Israel

Since the release of its latest season, La Casa De Papel, also known as Money Heist, has been all the rage. The show’s compelling narrative has captivated viewers for 43 episodes, earning acclaim from both fans and reviewers. However, after a recent cast interview in which several cast members applauded Israel, social media users have called for a boycott of the Spanish Netflix crime thriller.

Several performers from the popular series appeared on Israel’s Channel 12 to discuss the next season of Netflix’s most popular international program, according to Arab media.

When asked about his visit to Israel, Darko Peric, who plays the role of Helsinki, commented, “It was a marvelous experience and I hope to come back again. I know that there are a lot of fans here, and the people here are great. When people travel to Israel, they always talk about strict security and police measures, but when I arrived here even the police wanted to take pictures with me. It was great!”

Hovik Keuchkerian, who plays Bogota in the film, expressed his desire to visit Israel, saying he had only heard “wonderful things” about the country. Following that, Keuchkerian praised Fauda, an Israeli drama about an undercover squad whose commandos carry out operations in the occupied Palestinian territories while impersonating as Arabs.

Activists and commentators have slammed the aforementioned Netflix programme, accusing it of exploiting Palestinian misery and turning it into a kind of entertainment.

Activists and humanists rushed to Twitter after the cast’s appearance on Israel TV went viral, calling for a boycott of Money Heist.

“While millions of Money Heist fans wait for the fifth season, performers from the successful show appeared on an Israeli channel, expressing their support for the Israeli occupation and celebrating its criminal activities against Palestinian(s),” one Twitter user wrote.


Several Twitter users urged Alba Flores, who portrayed Nairobi in the programme and has backed Palestine in its fight against Israel, to speak out against her co-stars.

Flores had voiced support for Palestinians during Israel’s attack on Gaza in May, which claimed the lives of at least 248 people.

Peric and Keuchkerian were not the only Money Heist actors to laud Israel: during a visit to the country in 2019, co-star Jaime Lorente aka Denver showered admiration for the country.

“When they talked to me about going to Israel, I agreed right away. I had heard a lot about this amazing country and how special it is and about the Tel Aviv nightlife and the great food. I’d love recommendations about where to eat hummus and falafel,” he said at the time.

Following the interview, many social media users went to the IMDb database website to write critical comments and reviews about the program.

“The cast should stop showing their love for an apartheid state that kills Palestinians, destroy their homes and steal[s] their land,” read one comment, with a rating of one star out of ten. Another review accused the show of “claim[ing] to support the oppressed and downtrodden yet they openly support the Zionist occupation of the Palestinians.”

Users on social media said that the negative comments could help in raising awareness about the Palestinian struggle.

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