Book on 100 years of CPC launched CPC alive to address modern-day challenges, make China global leader: Speakers

Zubair Qureshi

Diplomats, experts on international politics and foreign policy Wednesday eulogized the role and vision of the Communist Party of China in transforming the country from a backward nation to a global leader.

They expressed these views while addressing at the launching ceremony of the book titled, “Hundred Years of the Communist Party of China – The best example of selfless service” authored by S. M. Hali.

Ambassador of China Nong Rong in his keynote address welcomed the book and termed it a gift to the CPC on its 100th anniversary.

He said, the book discusses great accomplishments of CPC, as CPC continuously strives for global peace, welfare and prosperity of the people of China and a win-win cooperation with the world.

Ambassador Nong Rong underlined that book by Hali covered major changes in the last century, the challenges in common security, it interprets CPC for better understanding of China, the struggles and hardships of CPC in the last century, particularly it mentions the handling Covid-19 by the communist party.

While addressing the ceremony former Senator Nisar A. Memon lauded Hali for authoring, “yet another book,” which he termed as an essential reading for those wishing to understand China.

Dr. Talat Shabbir, Director CPSC, in his remarks, said the author had produced an insightful literature on the CPC at a time when CPC is marking 100 years of its founding.

He noted that the book primarily focuses on the CPC, its establishment, its manifesto and its goal and analyses Chinese democracy under the rules of CPC.

Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi, former Ambassador to China, also commended Hali for authoring a book which she believed would enhancing understanding of Chinese political system and CPC in Pakistan.

S M Hali, the author of the book thanked ISSI for launching her book. In his remarks he highlighted key attributes of CPC.

He underlined that CPC is a progressive party, which is not mired in archaic traditions and rules which are outdated.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Director General ISSI, congratulated author for producing a timely book.

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