Bilawal vows not to accept either ‘selector or selected’


Our Correspondent

Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Sunday lashed out at the ‘selector’ and the ‘selected’ that his party had decided to go to Rawalpindi once again to tell people that the source power lay with the masses.
The PPP chairman was addressing a gathering of party supporters in Quetta. Bilawal said that he was about to give masses the message from Liaquat Bagh that people were the source of power.
“We do not accept any selector or selected,” he said. “For us, only the will of the people is acceptable. Not an umpire’s finger,” he added.
Bilawal said that it was time to end the reign of puppets and bring to power those who had the support of the masses. He said that confronting the prime minister will not be difficult.
“We [PPP] has faced dictators. Who is this puppet,” he asked, referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan.
He accused the government of disregarding the people of Balochistan in charting out the route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and keeping them deprived of their share of benefits from the project. “We brought revolutionary programmes such as CPEC for you, the people of Balochistan […] the vision of former president Zardari was for the route to begin with the most backward areas of Pakistan, namely Fata and Balochistan, but I regret to say, the route was changed and instead the project began from Lahore and Sindh,” said Bilawal, addressing a PPP workers convention in Quetta.
“We want the people of Balochistan to benefit from CPEC but this incompetent, unqualified puppet government has deprived you of the benefits.
“Only PPP is capable and it is the only party to have ever strived to deliver the benefits of a project to the residents of the area it is launched in.”