Bilawal to get nothing from US visit: Shahbaz Gill


Dr Shahbaz Gill, the Spokesperson for Prime  Minister and  the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication, has said that PPP chairman BilawalBhuitto will get nothing from America during his upcoming scheduled visit along with some cronies.

Dr Gill was addressing the news conference at the residence of PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh on Saturday said that PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto tried to get ‘job’ for the post of prime minister here in Pakistan and dropped his CVs and other documents everywhere but got no response since he had no capabilities and efficiency for doing anything in his short career.

“Having failed to get a poor response from anywhere  he is  likely to embark upon a journey to the USA for some shooting to please some people for the jobs he had been aspiring and dreaming  for ” he added.

He said that the PPP chairman was going to USA with the intention to get some assistance from quarters to sell their ‘conscience’ after the Prime Minister had flatly refused American government to allow them to use the country’s air bases.

He said that immature Bilawal was going to USA with the same documents to seek any job against the very interests of the country adding he warned him to refrain  from such acts since time had changed now to get perks through tricks He said that a self-proclaimed leader emerged out of the ‘fake’ parchi ( the will of Ms Bhutto) could not achieve to get jobs to compromise on the sovereignty of the country adding he made it clear Federal government had no plant to put his name on ECL to bar him from traveling to USA.

“We are ready to put his name in PSL to play cricket since his age requires him to to play and enjoy life” he added.

Dr Gill claimed that the former USA State of Secretary State, MsCondoleezaa Rice had brokered the deal between General (retired) Pervez Musharraf and Ms Benazir Bhutto in favour of America  and thus Americans were given the free hand to use the airbases and to attack Afghanistan from Pakistan. ”


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