Biased and misleading media | By Sehrish Khan


Biased and misleading media

IF awards were given for fake news, then all the awards would go to India.Our neighbor is very cunning and has been hatching conspiracies against us since the establishment of Pakistan.

This war has been going on against us for more than seven decades and has intensified since the 60’s because we defeated India in 1965 War.

She founded RAW and started fighting the war with conspiracies instead of on the field.

In 1971, hatred was spread among the people of East and West Pakistan.We were attacked secretly.As a result, our country was divided.This is a fact that India cannot fight a manly war.It always moves against us like cowards.

This trend is still going on and we have seen it all in the form of Kulbhushan Yadhav, the RAW network in Balochistan, the constant false news against Pakistan and the propaganda against the Pakistan defence forces.

Because of this, India suffered a global defeat when EU DisInfo Lab opened its fake network pool and its spy network was caught in the case of Pegasus project.

However, this is still the case.In Afghanistan, it has spent billions of dollars for this purpose, but its investment has sunk.

That is why the Modi government and RAW are still in shock as they used to conspire against the Pakistani government and people from there but they had to suffocate and flee after the arrival of Taliban.

After that, their media started spewing poison against Pakistan and constantly broadcast false news.

On 14 February 2019, a convoy of Indian troops collided with a vehicle loaded with explosives in Pulwama area of Occupied Kashmir.

It was a major attack on Indian troops in occupied Kashmir.Significantly, almost all of the soldiers killed in the attack were from lower castes.

The mastermind of the attack was identified by Indian media as Abdul Rasheed Ghazi, who was killed in the Lal Masjid operation in 2007.

It was then said that the attack was carried out by a Kashmiri youth, Adil Dar, but when his picture was published in Indian media, it was clear that the photo had been edited.

In fact, the torso attached to Adil’s face was that of a Brazilian guard who was described as the most handsome guard in Brazil.

Many people pointed this out on social media.The Indian media changed its mind and started blaming Pakistan by linking Adil with an organization called Jaish-e-Muhammad.

The acquaintances know that this was a false flag operation and this has been proved by “Arnab Gate”.

Modi was already aware of all the planning of the government.This is the same anchor who is constantly spewing poison against Pakistan.

Arnab is the MD of Republic TV, and a chat with Pratho Das Gupta, CEO of one of its TV rating agencies, shows that Arnab was aware of the ‘events that were yet to take place’.

Both of them were also using news of the death of Indian soldiers in the Pulwama incident as a source of their ratings and profits.

Arnab was also aware of the repeal of Article 370.At present, a large part of the Indian media is in the pockets of the Modi government.

After the Pak-India air battle on 27 February 2019, the Indian media started propaganda that a Pakistani F-16 plane had crashed even though it was a complete lie and later the United States also contradicted the Indian claim.

The Pakistan Air Force showed the wreckage of Abhinandan’s plane to the media and also that the missiles of his plane had not been fired, although Indian media was saying that Abhinandan fired a missile at F-16 and shot it down before leaving the plane.

In fact, the Indian media often seems to report that Abhinandan shot down an F-16 with a MiG.

In April last year, the Bharat Times broadcast false news of the Corona outbreak in the Pakistan Army and cited a fake Twitter account.

10 On June, another false report was made that a Pakistani F-16 plane had gone missing and that it had been blacked out in Karachi.

This was a complete lie.Has targeted a boat ‘this news was also false’ no such incident had ever occurred.

Then they started broadcasting the news of the civil war regarding Karachi and this issue was raised so much that all the Indian media kept running the same news.

It has been particularly noted that whenever the FATF meeting is about to take place, the Indian media starts giving fake and false news against Pakistan.

The Indian media faces a serious crisis of credibility.It is playing very disproportionate role in shaping public perceptions of politics, electoral outcomes and the way power is exercised.As its media even not spared Russia to falsely project Russia-Ukraine tensions.

Russian embassy in India tweeted that “With regard to the crisis in Ukraine, the Indian media is requested to be accurate so that Indian public receives objective information.

“The tweet is a proof of Indian disinformation about facts and figures and if they might thought a little more, this a slap on the face Indian media.

As we are concerned about objectivity of news, whether it is Hindutva training or the influence of RSS, Modi’s dock media has been exposed to the whole world.

As freedom of media is the fundamental right, there is a dire need of policy shift in Indian media so Indian public may get balanced coverage as the media is no longer adequately performs the primary functions it is meant to, which give it public legitimacy: namely, informing the public, telling the truth, analyzing complex social, economic and political processes, providing a platform for public debate, and acting as the people’s watchdog or conscience.

—The writer is a freelancer and media activist.She writes on political developments and security issues with special focus on South Asia and the region.


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