Azeri forces liberate 20 percent occupied area from Armenia


Ashraf Ansari


Ambassador Ali Alizada of Azerbaijan says, the morale of the Azeri armed forces is at its highest level. The Azeris are achieving marvelous successes against the Armenian forces who started aggressive moves against Azerbaijan on 27 September this year.
Briefing media persons in Islamabad on the war situation, he pointed out that Armenia continues to occupy a large chunk of Azeri territory for decades and lately claimed that the Azeri region of Nagorno-Karabakh was Armenian territory. He said the Armenian stance is against all norms of international law, especially the UN Security Council resolution which calls for withdrawal of Armenian forces from Azeri territories.
He said Azerbaijan does not want war to prolong; it wants peace and just solution of the dispute with Armenia. However it is Armenia who has chosen aggression over peaceful negotiation.
The ambassador said the Armenian forces are targeting civilian population in Azerbaijan causing civilian causalities and destruction. The Azeri forces have orders not to target civilian targets inside Armenia. Counter offensive operations of Azeri forces against Armenian attacks are carried out within internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan and in compliance with the 51st article of the UN charter (right of self defence).

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