Autopsy report reveals … Bullets from rifle or light weapon killed PTI worker


An autopsy report on Monday surfaced, revealing that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) worker Moazzam died of injuries caused by a bullet fired from a rifle or other light weapon.

The report revealed, “Deceased PTI activist Moazzam died due to a bullet fired from a light weapon. Moazzam was hit by a bullet 7 cm above the eyes on the front right side, the bullet entered Moazzam’s head and the hole was 3 cm by 1 cm, while the hole from the other side of Moazzam’s head where the bullet exited was 12 cm by 9 cm”.

According to the report, “Moazzam received two injuries on his head from where the bullet entered and from where the bullet exited. Moazzam died of cardiac arrest shortly after being shot. Even if there was no heart attack, the wounds were so deep that he would have died. There was no black mark where the bullet hit Moazzam. If the bullet was fired at close range, there should have been a black mark where the bullet entered.”

According to experts, “The assailant, Naveed was carrying a pistol, and the bullet hole of a pistol was very small, if the bullet had been fired by Naveed, the bullet would have left a black mark or ‘tattooing’ mark on Moazzam. According to the report, the bullet was fired from a distance, the hole would have been smaller if the bullet had been fired from close range or from a pistol.


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