Vulnerable countries come to COP27 in hope of getting climate action: Sherry


Vulnerable countries come to COP27 in the hope that a path will be forged from intention to action, ambition to process, and delivery on the ground will be precipitated. If you want to hear from the frontlines of climate catastrophe, this is the voice of the lost and damaged,” said Senator Sherry Rehman, Federal Minister for Climate Change, in her keynote address titled ‘Voices from the Frontlines’ at the IPU Parliamentary Meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh during COP27.

Senator Sherry Rehman reiterated that Pakistan would need US$348bn for climate adaptation, and for initiating deep de-carbonization until 2030 from climate shocks experienced each year. She addressed a session titled ‘How to avert, minimize, and address Loss and Damage to infrastructure’ where she highlighted the lack of early warning systems that safeguard infrastructure when the climate goes rogue, as it did in Pakistan during the 2022 floods. “We are clear that we must prioritize adaptation in Pakistan, as much as we are focused on nature-based solutions for mitigation. We are not big carbon emitters, but even if we become 100% renewable – which is the aim to reduce our import bill – it will make no difference to the global warming hitting us,” she said. The Minister added that the government of Pakistan is engaged at all multilateral forums to find common ground that helps create structural reform within the international climate regime.

The minister also spoke at the ‘First Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership Ministerial Dialogue’ and recommended knowledge sharing and capacity building on forest protection, as well as emergency protocols for forest fires, which are a global phenomenon caused by extreme heatwaves. She also highlighted that Pakistan is aggressively pursuing reforestation through planting 3 billion trees in the north and south of the country, although this effort was under stress from the risks presented by forest fires and floods.—APP

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