Aslam addresses provincial Rehmatul-lil-Alemeen conference


Senior Provincial Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal said that the only path to attain success in this world and the world hereafter is to adhere to the Seerat-ul-Nabi (SAW) and can bring justice, prosperity and stability in the society. The main cause to our troubles is distancing us from the Islamic teachings and the religious scholars should perform their duties to train and educate the new generation from their respective platforms. Senior Provincial Minster Mian Aslam Iqbal expressed these views while addressing Provincial Rehmatul-Lil-Alemeen (SAW) conference being organized under the auspices of Auqaf Department.

The Senior Provincial Minister stated that the noble character of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is a beacon light and a tower of illumination for us. Four years earlier the PTI government had decided to celebrate Ashra-e-Rehmatul-Lil-Alemeen with complete religious devotion and respect. Ashra-e-Shan-e-Rehmatul-Lil-Alemeen is also being celebrated in the present year like every year. Ceremonies are being organized at the government and at private level across the province. The blessed birthday of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the thanks offering day to Allah Almighty who gave birth to us in the Ummat of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

Riasat-e-Madina and Seerat-e-Tayyaba are our ideals. He said that unfortunately the cause of our problems is due to distancing ourselves from the Islamic teachings. Today the powerful alters the law for justice while the poor languishes in the prison for the attainment of justice. One percent of the people have made all others their slaves adding that a society cannot progress without the rule of the constitution and an equal justice system for the rich and the poor.

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