Asad alarms world to analyse Kashmir dispute


Pakistani ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan has alarmed the world powers to critically examine the escalating tensions between nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India as Modi regime’s crackdown on occupied Kashmir could destabilise the entire region.
Khan, in an interview with Newsweek, stated that “things are getting worse” in Kashmir due to the complete lockdown since Aug. 5 when special autonomy of the Himalayan region was revoked.
Pakistan’s envoy to the U.S. pointed to widespread reports of “an uninterrupted curfew, restraining the movement of people and internet and telephone suspension” as well as instances of violence with few other details emerging from the closed-off state.
“India’s actions in Kashmir could destabilise the entire region and lead to another conflict between the neighbours,” he warned.
“We are also clearly seeing an escalation on the Line of Control in the kind of weapons India is using,” he stated, while referring to India’s use of cluster ammunition.
“This is of immense concern,” Khan added. “It’s not just a serious and grave humanitarian crisis, but a danger to peace and security in the region.”
He further added that he “would not like to speculate on what it would look like if conflict erupts […] Pakistan has acted with great restraint and responsibility” regarding its response to India.
About India’s violations of 11 United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions as Modi attempts to tighten his grip on the region, Ambassador Khan said “impacts the final disposition regarding the people of Kashmir.”
Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to the “no-first-use” of nuclear weapons but Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had said New Delhi has so far “strictly adhered” to its “no-first-use” nuclear weapons policy, but that “what happens in future depends on the circumstances.—INP