Arrangements for Broghil festival finalised


Staff Reporter


The authorities have finalised arrangements for the three-day Broghil Festival, which will kick off at the Broghil National Park in Upper Chitral district from September 6. Being organized by the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) and the Upper Chitral district administration, the festival will showcase various activities, including horse polo, yak polo, donkey polo, cricket, football, buzkashi, marathon race, tug-of-war, wrestling, music and other traditional games.
The organisers said that the yak race, yak polo, fireworks, traditional music and food shows will be the main features of the festival. Provincial Senior Minister for Sports and Tourism Atif Khan has directed the authorities of his department to join hands with the Upper Chitral district administration to make proper arrangements for highlighting different aspects of the ancient and unique Wakhi culture.

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