Argentine gov’t loses congress majority, seeks opposition dialogue


Argentina’s center-left President Alberto Fernandez called for dialogue with the opposition after Sunday’s midterm parliamentary elections, with projections showing his governing coalition has lost control of Congress.

Having already held a minority in the lower house Chamber of Deputies, Fernandez’s Frente de Todos (Everyone’s Front) coalition looked set to drop from 41 to 35 seats in the 72-member Senate, based on projections with more than 90 percent of votes counted. “

If the numbers are confirmed, effectively we’ve lost the quorum in the Senate,” a government source told AFP.

Ahead of the election there was widespread discontent over an economy hit hard by the Covid pandemic.

Fernandez will now likely be forced to make concessions to the opposition during the last two years of his mandate in order to pass laws or make key appointments, including to the judiciary.—AFP

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