Amnesty report


Amnesty International, in its latest report, has painted a very grim picture of human rights situation in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The human rights watchdog observed that in recent years, civil society members, journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders in the region had faced relentless interrogations, arbitrary travel bans, revolving door detentions and repressive media policies.

The report once again exposes the ugly face of India as by intimidating and harassing the independent voices and blocking internet services, India wants to continue to hoodwink the international community about actual situation on the ground in occupied territory.

The fact is that there is no accountability of Indian security forces which act with complete impunity and are engaged in extra judicial killings and detention of Kashmiri people.

The question is for how long this repression of innocent Kashmiri people will continue.

Apart from Amnesty international, the UN and OIC have on several occasions expressed their concerns over blatant human rights violations in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir yet Indian government has never taken those voices seriously.

The reason is that the Indian leaders know that they will not be held accountable for their crimes.

This is a sheer injustice and also demonstrates the double standards of international community.

Ignoring the plight of Kashmiris and giving India the license to kill innocent people entail serious consequences for peace and security of the whole region.

Defending themselves against the Indian atrocities is the right of Kashmiri people.

It will be better for the world community to act and raise voice for Kashmiris as they did for the people of East Timor and South Sudan, before it is too late.

Time has come to hold the Indian leaders accountable for their war crimes in the occupied territory.


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