Afghan women’s open letter to Biden


Reconsider your decision over Afghanistan’s assets

An open letter written to the US president Joe Biden on behalf of 4,000 Afghan women and singed by 100 women reads that they condole with the people of America but the money belongs to Afghan people and should not be given to others.

Afghan women in the letter said that masterminds of 9/11 were all foreigners that were killed abroad and that no Afghan was involved in the terror attack.

“Millions of people of Afghanistan suffering from the dire economic situation, Afghan and women and children are going through a vulnerable economic situation that is because of irresponsible withdrawal of foreign countries.” Reads part of the letter.

The women have also expressed concern about thousands of working women who are laid off after the international community left Afghanistan.

They have asked the United States to continue the provision of humanitarian aid to the Afghan people and support Afghanistan’s banking system to pre-vent its collapse.

Earlier, Afghan investors and industrialists had called on the United States to reverse their decision over the assets of Afghanistan and had added that over $2 billion among the total $9.6 billion belongs to the private sector.—TOLO


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