Afghan student makes artificial hand


An Afghan student in an electrical engineering program made a moving artificial hand. Mohammad Saber claimed that the artificial hand he made could be connected to the nervous currents of a disabled person and that it works almost like a real hand.

“If the government and businessmen help me and provide opportunities for me, I can make this hand in a way that it can do anything, it will have the ability to write and eat food, and to act completely like a real hand and work normally. I think it takes 20,000 afghanis to make such a hand,” said Mohammad Saber Sabur, the inventor.

Mohammad Saber Sabur is a resident of Maidan Wardak province and has just finished secondary school and entered Ghazni University in the faculty of electrical engineering.

He says that he made moving artificial hand in eleven days and it can be installed with the nervous currents of a disabled person.

“When I was coming home from university, I saw a person who did not have a hand and was suffering. When I saw him, I thought that there are many flaws in Afghanistan because Afghanistan is a war-torn country and I said we should find a way to help them, there is a way to make a hand for them, so in thirty seconds I thought of inventing a hand,” said Mohammad Saber Sabur, the inventor.

Saber, 18, says that what he made cost 500 afghanis.

Meanwhile, officials at the Ministry of Health said they fully support such inventions in the health sector.

“In the current plans of the Ministry of Health of Afghanistan, the ministry will fully support the youth and cadres who work in this field and benefit humanity, especially in the health sector, and we support them,” said Javid Hajir, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health.

Saber also claims to have had fifty inventions in various fields since the age of eight.

Meanwhile TOLOnews’ footage that shows a man falling from the balcony of the Intercontinental Hotel during the ongoing attack, was shared prolifically by social media users.

This man however died, and his body has been transferred to the mortuary.

“The first man was his secretary and he came down safely. The second man was him and he fell down and the third man was one of his colleagues. When we contacted his secretary and asked about him, he said that he had fallen,” Shahab, a relative of the man said.

The whereabouts of a number of people who were trapped in the hotel are still not known.

Zmarai is searching for his aunt’s son who is an employee of the Supreme Court and was invited by one of his friends to the Intercontinental Hotel. He has not been found.

“At any hospital that we have went, we could not find him or his body,” said Zmarai.

Although some sources have said that 43 people were killed in the hotel attack, the Afghan interior ministry has confirmed the death of 18 people.