Afghan ambassador to China steps down


Afghanistan’s ambassador to Beijing Jawed Ahmad Qaim resigned from his post . Jawed Ahmad Qaim on Sunday in a Twitter post said that he is stepping down as Afghan ambassador to China due to his personal and professional issues.

He wrote that he did not want to disclose the issues.

It is the second time that an Afghan ambassador resigns from his post after the Taliban regained power on August 15 last year.

Prior to that, Afghanistan’s permanent representative to United Nations had stepped down. The seat is now occupied by Naseer Ahmad Faiq.

The destiny of Afghanistan’s ambassadors and diplomats has become one of the biggest controversial issues that are yet to be resolved.

The majority of Afghanistan’s diplomatic agencies are on the brink of closure as they have run out of financial resources.

Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister of the IEA Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanekzai had said that they are in contact with Afghan envoys in other countries and that the ministry is receiving regular reports from the embassies.— Agencies

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