China asks US to unfreeze Afghanistan’s nearly $10b


As Afghanistan is still going through its toughest humanitarian and economic situation of the past two decades and with over half of the population on the brink of starvation, China has reiterated that the US must release Afghanistan’s over $9.5 billion now frozen in its banks.

Spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin said that the US should unfreeze the assets of Afghanistan’s Central Bank as the country is the only blameworthy of Afghanistan’s ongoing situation.

Wang Wenbin also asked for unilateral sanctions of the US on Afghanistan to be lifted.

“US is a country that started Afghanistan’s crisis and the country should not get rid of the situation indifferently. The unilateral sanctions are further deteriorating Afghanistan’s economic situation and the lives of people. We ask the US to understand its mistakes, understand international responsibilities, release the assets and lift unilateral sanctions.” Said the spokesman.It is not the first time China makes such a demand, the country has repeatedly asked the US to unfreeze Afghanistan’s assets.—Agenceis

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