Accountability has begun, everyone would suffer for his/her deeds: Ijaz


Observer Report


Interior Minister Ijaz Shah said on Thursday, following the strong condemnation from Pakistan Muslim League-N over the arrest of former premier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, that the process of accountability has been started and everyone would suffer for his/her deeds.
“The NAB is an independent institution and the government has no links with any of the arrests being made,” he said while addressing a press conference.
He stated that the chairman of the NAB had been appointed by the PML-N and the Pakistan People’s Party, and PM Imran Khan had no role to play in that part.
“Even our own members are being summoned [in the cases]…If the matter was upon my will, I would have asked the NAB to make the job quick,” he added.
“There are many people who are to be arrested but a few of them have been arrested [so far],” he further said, adding that PM Khan has always talked about the national interest. “Like him [PM Khan], no one has played on the front foot and all the credit goes to Imran Khan for the changes in the policies of the government.”
“[PPP’s] Asif Zardari had himself said that such things happen in such kind of affairs,” he stated, adding that changes in every sector could be observed in the tenure of incumbent government.
Shah said Imran Khan had appeared before the court even in false cases against him, and the government could not allow vandalism in the name of protest by the opposition. “The opposition may protest, and the government will facilitate it with containers.”