AC seeks written reply from jail officials over Asifa contempt of court petition


Accountability Court (AC) has sought a reply from officials of Adiyala jail over a contempt of court petition against not allowing Asifa Bhutto Zardari to meet his father Asif Ali Zardari in the jail.
The AC Judge Muhammad Bashir heard a contempt of court petition over barring Asifa Bhutto Zardari to meet his imprisoned father in jail despite court orders.
The AC, during the course, sought written reply from officials of Adiyala jail.
The Court heard another contempt of court petition regarding not providing facilities to Asif Ali Zardari while Zardari’s counsel assistant lawyer argued that Asif Zardari is a cardiac patient and six to seven stents have been planted in his heart adding that we are not begging instead wanted implementation on the court orders.
On the court query, the Adiyal jail informed that AC had been provided to Nawaz Sharif on the medical grounds while doctors didn’t write anything regarding providing AC to ex-president adding that if former president health were serious then he should have been admitted in the PIMS.
Honorable Judge Muhammad Bashir said that every case has a different nature if the law allows then why the AC facility has not been provided? while he remarked that the law is not a decoration piece for show-off but it needs to be implemented.
Later, after the conclusion of the argument the court has reserved the judgment.—INP