Abeacon of hope: Teach A Child school system provides quality education to underprivileged

Shaaf Salman

Even in the presence of diverse educational systems in Pakistan, no school system ceases to exist in Pakistan that can provide proper education to the lower class of the society.

There exist many government schools with no productive and innovative environment or on the other side lies the private sector with exorbitant fees which are out of reach for the nation’s majority. Teach A Child School System (TAC) established in 1998, has completed its 24 years of academic excellence by providing applaudable academic services to the underprivileged children for only a 5-rupee dignity fee.

In this era of competition and academic versatility, co-curricularactivities play a significant role in the upbringing of the creative and innovative characteristics of a student. TAC offers co-curricular activities along with academics in its curriculum. This is one of the critical features of TAC that makes their students prominent; these students do not only participate in competitions but also have an excellent win ratio, and proudly are the runner of NOVA and Prism competitions.

These competitions give theseunderprivileged children social exposure that gives them the hope to pursue their dreams and be determined to work harder to compete with mainstream society. Moreover,TAC conducts summer camps to polish, Students’ skills and boost their enthusiasm. TAC also houses advanced science labs, media support, Libraries and art rooms to cultivate student skills.

Idara Taaleem O Tarbiyaat is what TAC is also known for providing their students with value education(tarbeeat/Grooming). Pakistan lacks a competent society because most of the population remains deprived of basic moral education and etiquette.With this situation in mind TAC emphasises moral education in equal means as their academic services. For instance, they teach them principles, punctuality, how to interact with society and respect for every class and group in society. Their focus domain does stay restricted to a student only, they prepare him to act as a catalyst in his family and bring a change in his surroundings as well.

TAC has only two campuses in Lahore as of now which can provide education to only 100 students per Anum.The provision of quality education is a prominent issue across Pakistan, but very few organizations like TAC are striving to fulfil this gap. It’s a duty for all special for the youth to devote themselves to helping such institutes in terms of service and finances so grow them to the level where no one is deprived of fundamental educational rights.


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