Former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has decided to quit his role with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in search of other opportunities.

The 42-year-old has been involved in coaching domestic teams in Pakistan and was most recently named as the head coach of Hyderabad Hunters in the Pakistan Junior League. 

He has been on different coaching staffs for two and a half years where he led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to domestic titles before being handed the reins of Central Punjab. Razzaq, however, reportedly did not return to his assigned team.

According to PCB sources, Abdul Razzaq has chosen to look for more opportunities in the field of media as a pundit. According to the board’s media policy, no employee can work in privatised media channels resulting in the former international resigning from his post.

Several of Pakistan’s cricketing legends have managed to book stints on the plethora of TV channels available in this day and age which may be more lucrative and less backbreaking than coaching a team throughout a season.

Razzaq also has the option of returning anytime he sees fit with his coaching success likely to land him another job in Pakistan or with an international side like many before him.

Abdul Razzaq represented Pakistan in 46 Tests, 265 ODIs, and 32 T20 Internationals scoring 1946, 5080 and 393 runs while taking 100, 269 and 20 wickets respectively.

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