75 Years of literary relations between Pakistan and various countries celebrated

Zubair Qureshi

Pakistan Academy of Letters on Friday celebrated 75 years of literary collaboration with other countries and organizing an online seminar titled 75 Years of Literary Relations between Pakistan and Various Countries.”

Prof. Dr. Sofia Lodhi, presented a keynote address on “The Role of Pakistani Universities and Institutes in Literary Relations with foreign countreis”. Prof. Dr. Eynulla Maditi (Azerbaijan), Mr.Saeed Naqvi (USA), Mr. Said Muhammad Salim Al-Sqlavi (Oman), Prof. Dr. Ali Bayat (Iran), Mr. Marco Lucchesi (Brazil), Mr. Basir Kazmi (England), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mahmoodul Islam (Bangladesh), Prof. Dr. Yaqoob Yawar (India), Prof. Dr. Khalil Toker (Turkey), Prof. Dr. Soya Mane (Japan), Dr. Christina Osterheld (Germany), Prof. Dr. Tang Mang Shang (China), Ms. Sadaf Mirza (Denmark), Dr. Ludmila Veslva (Russia), Prof. Dr. Heinz Werner Wessler (Sweden),Ms. Robina Faisal (Canada), Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim (Egypt), ), Dr. Ali Adil Al-Mahmoud (Mauritius), Dr. Abdul Mubeen Khan Saqib Haruni (Nepal) and Dr. Olena Bordlovska, (Ukraine) expressed their views on the topic of Pakistan’s literary relations with their respective countries.

Dr Yousaf Khushk, Chairman, PAL said that diplomatic and trade relations as well as scientific and literary relations serve as the primary reference for the dialogue of civilizations.

In this regard, translation is the only means by which you can reach any civilization succeed in communicating and understanding at the surface.

Independence Day is celebrated every year but this year in view of Diamond Jubilee, the team of Pakistan Academy of Letters decided that instead of celebrating Independence Day, the PAL should celebrate the whole year as Diamond Jubilee Year.

Prof. Dr. Asghar Nadeem Syed while delivering the presidential address said that the PAL has accomplished an important feat by bringing together the Pakistanis belonging to Urdu literature in the countries where they are present on one platform through this event.

He said that the exchange of Urdu chairs and cultural delegations of writers in the universities should be continued. Our fiction, novels and poems have an important place for the promotion of Urdu language and no one else can take its place.

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