50 Delta variant cases reported in 15 days 4th Corona wave looms large over City



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The health authorities claimed on Sunday to have detected as many as 50 cases of the Delta variant during the past 15 days, raising fears about the tough challenge looming large over the provincial metropolis.

The Punjab health authorities informed that the infection rate of the strain, first reported in India, is increasing with every passing day in the province.

They said the Delta variant rapidly spreads from one person to another and is, therefore, very fatal.

In a recent research, the Punjab Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has concluded that over 70% of coronavirus cases reported in the province are of the Delta strain.

According to the department, as many as 415 new Covid-19 cases have been reported in Punjab during the past 24 hours including 246 from Lahore.

The officials informed that the government is cautiously observing the situation and will take appropriate measures as and when will be required.

The Punjab Health Department observed an SOP compliance week in the high-risk areas of the metropolis from July 9 to 18 to raise awareness among the masses.

Similarly, a set of new precautionary measures have been announced to prevent the fourth wave of the virus.

The new precautionary measures include: all gyms, restaurants, hotels and cinemas owners will be bound to establish desks for vaccination certificate checks or sending CNICs to 1166

. Will ensure employees to get inoculated; Hotel bookings only allowed for vaccinated people; No dine-in after 12am; Only vaccinated people allowed inside restaurants and 200 people to be accommodated inside wedding halls.

Delta variant
The Delta variant of the coronavirus, previously known as the Indian variant, has spread to more than 70 countries.

It was first detected in India in December 2020. It is highly transmissible and appears to make Covid-19 more severe.

The variant appears to cause alarmingly severe symptoms, such as Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, hearing loss, and joint pain.

Experts suggest various guidelines to avoid exposure to the new variant including: sanitize hands more often; wear a mask; avoid public gatherings; get vaccinated as soon as possible; avoid meeting people with symptoms and avoid unnecessary travel.

Meanwhile, smart lockdown has been imposed in different areas of Gujranwala to control the rising number of coronavirus cases.

Movement of people to and from Wapda Town Block A2 and Block C1, City Housing Block Double F and Street Haji Niyazuddin has been restricted.

People are not allowed to leave houses without masks. Only one person can leave the house for buying food and medicines, and they must carry their CNIC.

A ban has been imposed on all private gatherings. Businesses, shops, markets, and offices will remain closed with exception for grocery shops and pharmacies to remain open. The lockdown will remain in force until July 24.

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