3.5 million people will be housed in restarted Kabul project: Ministry



The Ministry of Urban Development and Land (MUDL) said that around 3.5 million people will be provided with shelter due to resumed work on a development project called the Kabul New Project.

Talking to a press conference on Saturday in Kabul, the acting Minister of Urban Development and Land, Mawlawi Hamdullah Nomani, said that they will bring 540 development projects into effect this year.

The residences will be sold to the citizens based on loans.

“The construction of clinics, schools, universities and mosques are included as main parts, and then the construction of government institutions such as departments of the ministries in the provinces,” he said.

Nomani said that it will provide shelter for the displaced people in the towns.

“Every displaced person can contact us or the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation to fill out documents and receive a residence,” he said.

“The government has the capacity to use its normal budget or development budget, which is made through domestic income, to implement the projects,” said Abdul Naseer Rishtia, an economist.

The work on the Kabul project began many years ago.

Meanwhile, The vulnerability of the nation’s infrastructure–especially in provincial capitals– has raised concerns among Afghan officials and analysts as violence surges across the country.

A rocket landed last week on Shah Wa Aros Dam in Shakardara district in Kabul. A similar incident occurred at Salma Dam in Herat. Bridges have been destroyed along the Kabul-Jalalabad Highway. The damage to the dams was not heavy but has spurred public officials to call on both the Taliban and government forces to refrain from harming national infrastructure.

“The National Water Affairs Regulation Authority asks the Taliban to avoid harm to national institutions and infrastructure in the ongoing fighting,” said Nizamuddin Khpulwak, spokesman for the National Water Affairs Regulation Authority.

“Infrastructure belongs to the people of Afghanistan regardless of the circumstances,” said Nazir Ahmad Khalil, the deputy head of a council for ground transportation affairs.—Tolonews

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