Zubair engages in Twitter spat with brother Asad Umar over ‘simple economics’


KARACHI – PML-N leader and former Sindh governor Mohammad Zubair engaged in a online spat with his brother Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar Wednesday as the latter shared statistics related to economic growth.

“Car sales up 31% vs last year in first 9 months of this fiscal year. Private sector credit off-take up 34%,” the federal minister said.

“Jul to Feb large scale manufacturing growth up 7.5%. Widespread growth visible while running a current account surplus, which unlike past makes growth sustainable,” he added.

Responding to his tweet, Zubair wrote: “This should all add up to a reasonable growth of around 4-5% but it’s going to be just 1.5% – one of the lowest in our history & lowest in the region”.

“Simple economics hai. Inflation is up,  unemployment up & so is poverty. Economy was growing at 5.8% in 2018 & look what mess now,” he added.

Following the spat, social media users also shared their views with some supporting Zubair and others throwing weight behind the PTI leader.