Zong ranked as Pakistan’s ‘best operator’ in terms of network experience


Zubair Qureshi


An independent global standard for analyzing consumer mobile experience, ‘Opensignal’ has recognized Zong as Pakistan’s number one telecom operator in network superiority.
According to a statement by the telecom service operator, this is once again a recognition of Zong’s quality network. In its latest Network Experience Report, Opensignal has ranked Zong best in top five service areas that include Video Experience, Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, 4G Availability, and 4G Coverage Experience.
The statement goes on to say that the report further solidifies the network leadership of the country’s top cellular and digital services provider, Zong. The report examined the mobile network experience of the four nationwide mobile network operators in Pakistan over a period of 90 days to see how they fared.
Zong’s Good Video Experience means that its users generally enjoyed faster loading times and less stalling as compared to other operators. The operator’s award-winning Video Experience score shows that users had a good connection with superior loading while watching videos over Zong connection, signifying greater network quality.
Higher Download Speeds are the ultimate determinant of a good connectivity: with faster speed, the overall internet browsing experience becomes rich. According to the Opensignal Report, Zong has also pushed into the lead on download speeds, overtaking the former front-runner on average download speeds by a great margin.
The same goes for the Upload Speed Experience that has to be great to ensure faster incoming and outgoing data exchange over a mobile connection. Zong users observed a01 Mbps (29.4%) increase in their average upload speeds with the operator taking home the award for best upload speed of 4.5 Mbps. Then come the 4G Availability and Coverage Experiences, two more crucial areas where Zong emerged as the leader. Opensignal observed a significant increase in Zong’s 4G availability with the operator winning the place with a point score of 86.6% (of time).