Zahir Jaffer confesses to police for Murdering Noor Mukadam


ISLAMABAD: Zahir Jaffer has confessed to murdering Noor Mukadam while police collected CCTV footage of the victim being subjugated to torture by the accused, citing sources, PO reported on Monday.

Close Sources told Pakistan Observer that Zahir Jaffer admitted to murdering Noor Mukadam before the investigators, however, he kept alternating his statements regarding the purposes for murdering her.

Islamabad police also collected the CCTV footage against Zahir Jaffer while he was cruelly torturing the girl.

It was learned that Noor Mukadam succeeded to run away from the balcony and hid inside the security guard’s cabin but Zahir Jaffer followed her and hauled her out of the guard’s cabin. Sources said that security guards were already there but no one stopped Jaffer from torturing the girl.

“There were more people present who had witnessed Noor Mukadam being dragged by him. Zahir Jaffer had tortured Noor consistently for three hours,” sources revealed the terrorizing findings of the murder case’s probe.

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On Monday, an Islamabad court extended the physical remand of Zahir Jaffer, the prime suspect in the brutal murder of the Noor Mukadam case, by two days. Zahir Jaffer was presented before the court after the completion of his two-day physical remand.

The Islamabad police asked the court to extend his remand by another two days, saying that they had obtained the pistol from the possession of the accused but still they had to recover a mobile phone from his possession.

Police had also added four more clauses of hiding evidence and being complicit in the Noor Mukadam murder case.

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Police say they’re currently interrogating Jaffer and household staff who were in the house when the crime was committed. They also recorded a statement from Jaffer’s father, who said he was at a business meeting in the city of Karachi at the time of the murder. Statements by two security guards were also recorded. DNA samples have been sent for forensic examination.


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