Youm-e-Babul Islam is day of extraordinary significance: Sadia Rashid


Youm-e-Babul Islam is a day to pay tribute to Muhammad bin Qasim, one of the greatest Muslim Generals of the early Islamic conquests. Founder of Hamdard Pakistan, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said was considered the torch-bearer of Youm-e-Babul Islam’s movement and every year he celebrated this historic day as a festive in an annual ceremony at Hamdard Public School.

Hamdard Pakistan’s Chief Mutawallia Mrs. Sadia Rashid while paying tribute to Muhammad bin Qasim for his bravery and valor said “Muhammad Bin Qasim was an exceptional, visionary and strong-willed general who at the age of 17 years brought the holy message of Islam and gave it a firm foothold in the subcontinent.

Mrs. Sadia Rashid won the hearts of native population with his military stratagies, administrative prowess, political wisdom and enforcement of justice and rule of law. Bringing the message of Islam to this region paved the way for a new state Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the map of the world.”

She said that to commemorate the entry of Islam in Sindh, Hakim Mohammed Said established Madinat al-Hikmah on the exact place where bin Qasim’s army setup its first camp.

Many historians consider it as a fact. She advised youth to make Muhammad bin Qasim their role model because they can learn so much from this great personality and his accomplishments.

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