Yemen condemns Houthi militias’ missile attack

Marib, Yemen

The Ministry of Legal Affairs and Human Rights (Yemen) condemns in the strongest terms the criminal terrorist Houthi militias’ attack carried out on the 5th June 2021 by firing a ballistic missile at residential neighborhoods inhabited by residents and displaced persons which resulted the fall of 14 martyrs and 5 wounded.

Deliberate targeting of a gas station in the Rawda neighborhood in the center of the city of Marib was intended to cause the greatest harm to civilians and the fall of many martyrs. It is a serious criminal act that should not pass without a deterrent response.

It is one of the war crimes stipulated by the four Geneva Conventions, international humanitarian law and international legality of human rights.

The ministry calls on the international community to put pressure on the Houthi militia to comply to international efforts seeking for peace and a cease-fire and to start negotiations to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict.

It also affirms that this attack is conclusive evidence of the coup forces’ rejection of any peaceful solutions that lead to the end bloodshed of Yemenis and the rebuilding of their state on democratic foundations that safeguard the right of everyone to a decent life.

The Ministry of Legal Affairs and Human Rights condemns this crime, which is contrary to all international values and norms.

It extends its sincere condolences to the entire Yemeni people to the families of the martyrs, wishes a speedy recovery to the wounded, and calls upon all the active forces in Yemen to assume their responsibilities to confront the arrogance of the Houthi coup Militias and their supporters firmly.

It lauds the heroes of our armed forces and the national resistance, and demands them to close ranks to defeat this terrorist group as soon as possible.

God bless Issued by the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Human Rights – Aden.

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