‘Yeh Mein Hoon’ and ‘Mujhe Maro’ creators vibing to each others memes


Dananeer Mobeen popularly known as “Pawri girl,” has shared an Instagram video with Momin Saqib, a British-Pakistani influencer, in which they both perform a mix of their famous internet videos “maro mujhe” and “pawri ho rahi hai.”

Saqib rose to prominence after his video ‘Maro Mujhe Maro’ that went viral during the 2019 cricket World Cup, and Mobeen rose to prominence after her latest video “pawri ho rahi hai.”

“Yeh mein hoon, yeh Geena jee hain” Saqib says articulating Mubeen’s nickname. Then “pawri girl” appears in the video and begins bellowing “mujhe maro.”


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Momin Saqib was recently appointed a Commonwealth Youth COVID-19 Hero at the Commonwealth Youth Awards 2021.

The Commonwealth Youth Awards honor young people who are deeply engaged in bringing about positive change and are involved in the development of a more innovative and integrated future.

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