Xi terms restoration of China’s seat in UN a victory of Chinese people

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Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday hailed the restoration of all the rights of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the United Nations (UN) 50 years ago as a victory of the Chinese people and people from all countries around the world.

President Xi made the remarks in Beijing at the commemorative meeting marking the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the PRC’s lawful seat in the UN.

President Xi Jinping attended the meeting in Beijing and spoke on a number of subjects and challenges China as well as the world at large was facing.

On China’s development and contributions, President Xi said the past five decades had witnessed China’s peaceful development and its commitment and dedication to the welfare of all humanity.

Chinese people, he said had always safeguarded international fairness and justice, and made major contributions to world peace and development.

Our people have always upheld the authority and sanctity of the United Nations and practiced multilateralism, and China’s cooperation with the UN has deepened steadily over the past 50 years , said the president.

He said China had blazed a path of human rights development that is consistent with the trend of the times and carries distinct Chinese features, thus making major contributions to human rights progress in China and the international human rights cause.

On multilateralism President Xi said no civilization in the world was superior to others; every civilization was special and unique to its own region.

Civilizations can achieve harmony only through communication and can make progress only through harmonization.

In order build a community with a shared future for mankind we don’t need to replace one system or civilization with another, said President Xi in his historic address adding, “We shall be firm in opposing all forms of hegemony and power politics, as well as all forms of unilateralism and protectionism.

The international community is confronted by regional disputes as well as global issues such as terrorism, climate change, cyber security and biosecurity. Only with more inclusive global governance, more effective multilateral mechanisms and more active regional cooperation, can these issues be addressed effectively, said he.

The president of the PRC also highlighted the importance of upholding authority and standing of the UN, and working together to practice true multilateralism.

On environment, President reminded the audience and the senior officials present in the meeting that they needed to encourage green recovery, green production and green consumption and promote a civilized and healthy lifestyle.

The world should step up cooperation and work together to address the various challenges and global issues facing humanity Countries around the world should put their people front and center and strive to realize development with a higher level of quality, efficiency, equity, sustainability and security

On China’s commitment, he said China was stepping forward on the path of peaceful development and would always be a builder of world peace.

China will remain committed to the path of reform and opening-up and always be a contributor to global development. China will stay committed to the path of multilateralism and always be a defender of the international order.

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