Writing on the wall


Sikandar Noorani

REGIONAL peace in South Asia remains endangered with the Kashmir issue still blinking on the pending list of the UN. Countless reminders, memorandums and resolutions proved ineffective so far in ending the long inaction of the UN on rapidly worsening Kashmir issue. A large number of Kashmiri youths have reached this conclusion that healing of their deep wounds is not possible with verbal measures. Brutal application of State force on unarmed non-combatant population of occupied Kashmir by New Delhi is a clear indicator of poisonous intentions. Kashmiris eventually understood that political struggle may help in creating massive public awareness against decades long oppression but physical survival against an inhuman regime requires practical counter-measures on ground. Such retaliatory thoughts shaping up in response to Indian state-sponsored terrorism have pushed the Kashmiri youngsters towards armed struggle. The Modi-led BJP ruling cult lacks the ability to solve the sensitive issues with political dialogue and universally acknowledged ways of statesmanship. Matters relating to minorities, especially the Muslims, are usually tackled in India with a negatively fixated aggressive mindset. This tendency reached at superlative degree with arrival of BJP in power corridors due to its weird anti-Muslim penchants. Scraping of quasi-autonomous statehood of Kashmir through abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A of Indian Constitution by BJP was precisely aimed at altering the demography through unfair means. After suffering for decades at the hands of Indian usurper state, Kashmiris are not ready to live as a minority in their own motherland.
BJP has set a long term goal to gradually transfer non- resident Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir as owners of freshly bought properties. Laws framed under Article 35-A were posing a big hurdle in manifesting the conspiracy of demographic change. BJP introduced a multiple set of land laws allowing undue rights of property ownership and residency to outsider Indians in Kashmir. This vicious cycle is expected to gain more momentum with every passing day as evident with recent alarming developments shaping up in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. Immediately after abrogation of statehood in August 2019, an inhuman lockdown and communication blackout was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir. Campaign of false allegations against Pakistan was thrusted with more vigour to mislead the international community about fiery unrest in Kashmir. Alarming surge in ceasefire violations at the LoC is also part of this dangerous Indian game. As the situation at Ladakh started turning complex for India amid rising military tension with China, its implications have multiple deeper impacts on both sides of the LoC as well. On one hand, India provoking China in battleground through rapid military and naval build up in forbidden territories and, on the other hand, staging diplomatic drama of dialogue to end the LAC stand-off. A similar peace spoiling strategy is being pursued in Kashmir as well where contradictory steps of atrocities, ceasefire violations and DDC elections emerging simultaneously. Kashmiris are not ready to believe that BJP can take care of their miseries. Even the Gupkar Alliance despite winning a majority in DDC election drama, adorned with three past puppet CMs in its top ranks, has rejected the mischievous ways of BJP.
It is a writing on the wall that cosmetic moves, like recent Panchayat elections and hollow claims of mainstreaming Kashmir through developmental works, can never alter the odds in favor of India. Enormous public pressure has compelled the old loyalists of New Delhi from Abdullah and Mufti clans to adopt a harsher tone against their masters. All puppet CMs have demanded restoration of quasi-autonomous statehood of Kashmir in chorus immediately after their meaningful house arrests a few weeks back. Commonly called Gupkar Alliance comprising seven Kashmiri parties is pursuing the agenda of restoration of Article-370. Contrary to their loud claims, the Alliance has not yet disclosed any plan to meet the objectives. Having their past track record in mind, masses in Kashmir are not pinning any false or exaggerated hopes on this fancy but incapable Alliance. Kashmiris see no secure future under the murderous usurper cult controlling the affairs from the throne of New Delhi. Kashmiris are striving for their right to self–determination whereas the entire leadership of Gupkar Alliance desire revival of old order which only delivered tragedies, miseries and injustice to Kashmir.
Recently staged drama of DDC elections has further proved that BJP cult is seriously pursuing the venomous agenda of demographic change in Jammu and Kashmir. More evidently, BJP is going to increase its ingress in the local dynamics by planting its trusted pawns at Panchayat level. Mild opposition from old puppets in the form of hollow statements will not be going to make any worthwhile impact. True representatives of the Kashmiris, who can challenge the nefarious designs of New Delhi, have been chained. This non-flexible aggressive Indian approach has laid the foundations of a greater conflict and triggered a fresh wave of violence in Kashmir. Recent news about murder of a Hindu jeweler in Srinagar revealed an intriguing reference to controversial residency and property ownership rights to non-residents. While accepting the responsibility of murder, a local group has announced to retaliate the unfair settlement of non-Kashmiris in their homeland. It is about time that India should read the writing on the wall!
—The writer, a retired army officer, regularly contributes to the national Press.

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