World’s first electric powered speed boat ‘flies’ above the waves



The world’s first electric-powered hydrofoil speed boat, which reduces energy consump-tion and noise – as well as sea sickness – by “flying” above the waves, has made its debut on Switzerland’s lakes.
The Candela Seven can hit speeds of 55 km per hour when its foils lift it out of the water. Its manufacturers say it travels further and smoother than other electric boats.
The foils reduce water friction – and the effect of waves slam-ming into the boat – cutting energy consumption by 80% com-pared to normal diesel-powered boats and extending the craft’s range to 90 km (56 miles).
The carbon fiber boat also car-ries an on-board computer which automatically adjusts the foil positions 100 times per second to reduce rolling and sea-sickness.
“Because we don’t have any waves hitting, we don’t have any slamming or bumping around and you really have a quiet a smooth ride,” Swiss importer Christian Vogel told Reuters.
Until now, electric boats have tended to sacrifice either speed or range because of the capacity limits of their bat-teries.
The Candela Seven made its Swiss debut on Lake Lucerne this week, with Candela Speed Boat hoping to drum up new business with a European tour.—Reuters

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