World must wake-up over Muslim genocide in India


Dr Muhammad Khan
IT is wrongly projected by Indian press and
some international media houses that there are
Hindu-Muslim communal riots and clashes in India. The factual position is quite different and the Indian press coverage is a misleading stratagem. Indeed, it is a well-planned genocide of Indian Muslims as clearly demonstrated and said by Indian Minister Giriraj Singh, these Muslims should have been sent to Pakistan much earlier, may be in 1947. The unbiased international media observers and analysts however opinion that the unarmed Muslims were attacked by Hindu assailants without any provocation and without any violence from Muslim localities. The houses, shops and mosques of the Muslim were burnt through a systematic planning and pre-planned scheme. The New York Times analysed this entire Muslim genocide in its editorial titled as, ‘The Roots of the Delhi Riots: A Fiery Speech and an Ultimatum’. It says “On the whole, the Delhi riots of this week are now beginning to look like a pogrom, à la Gujarat 2002 and Delhi 1984.” The newspaper further quotes Ashutosh Varshney, the Director of the Centre for Contemporary South Asia at Brown University. The clear opinion of Mr Varshney and analysis of the newspaper is that: “mobs unleashing savage violence while the cops look away, or join the mob, instead of neutrally intervening to crush the riot.”
Indeed, the newspaper firmly articulates that the recent New Delhi Muslim massacre is part of the same campaign which began with Sikh’s genocide-1984, after murder of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Similarly, there was a repeat of this massacre in the form of Muslim genocide in Gujrat in 2002, after accidental train fire. Genocide of thousands of Sikhs was carried out mainly in 1980s and continuing even today through covert means. In the process thousands of Sikhs left India and inhabited in various countries. Sikhs constitute less than 2% of total Indian population, whereas, Muslim form over 15% of total Indian population. Moreover the majority of Sikhs are living either in East Punjab or in Haryana states. The Muslims, however, are scattered all over India, easy to be alienated and attacked. On the eve of the visit of US President Donald Trump, those protested against CAA were Hindus, Muslims and other minorities. Nevertheless, only Muslims were assaulted by the Hindu assailants who were chanting slogans like ‘Jai Shri Ram’ (‘Hail Lord Ram’) while beating the Muslims in selected Muslims localities in New Delhi. Over 90% Muslims who were killed and attacked were not part of any protest, rather busy in their routine lives, once attacked. Mosques were burnt even once it was not prayers time. The local eyewitnesses confirmed that Hindu attackers asked for identity cards to ‘see if they are Hindu or Muslim and then killed or beat Muslim.’ In some cases the Hindu assailants asked the people to remove trousers for identification and then attacked Muslims.
The Delhi carnage was depicting the picture of one sided war zone with; ‘burnt-out mosques, shops and other buildings, shattered glass, blood socked bodies of Muslims and charred vehicles’. The political leaders of Indian ruling party BJP were found supervising most of this Muslim genocide. As per The New York Times, Kapil Mishra, a BJP leader, was found shouting and asking police, ‘either clear the demonstrators (mostly women) else he and his followers would do it themselves.’ Then the Hindu mob with him attacked these peaceful protestors resulted into killings and wounding dozens of Muslims. Many other Hindu political leaders of India made inflammatory speeches, filled with hate against Muslims and provoked the Hindu mobs to attack Muslims. The worst part of these attacks on Muslims was the police and security forces of India sided with the Hindu assailants. The police became part of Hindu assailant while they attacked Muslims or else they remained quite spectators, which clearly speaks that it was a planned activity from Indian Government, aimed at Muslim genocide. ‘The Guardian’ in its editorial says, “The riots have been driven by a ruling party intent on painting its largely peaceful opponents as seditious sectarians.”
The international press has a clear opinion that Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in tandem with National Registry of Citizens (NRC) was the preparatory phase for the ultimate genocide of Muslim community of India. The terrified Indian Muslims now fear two eventualities; genocide at the hands of trained Hindu terrorists (RSS and VHP) as witnessed during Delhi carnage and the deportation, after losing the Indian nationality being the Muslims. Whereas, the international media has highlighted the well-orchestrated Indian plan for the Muslim genocide in India, the global capitals have shown a general silence. The mysterious silence of world powers and other states would further embolden the majoritarian Hindutva-led BJP Government to eliminate Muslims through a phased genocide plan. The New Delhi phase of Muslim genocide was carried out in the presence of US President. Despite knowing this all, President Trump neither condemned Indian Government over this brutality nor asked New Delhi to reconcile the CAA and NRC. Surely, like other major powers, US has its economic, strategic and political interests in India, thus silence was the best strategy. Nevertheless, religious based genocide has always threatened the global peace like Hitler’s genocide of Jews before and during WW-II. Jews were less in number whereas Muslims constitute 1.9 billion (24% of global population). For the maintenance of global peace the major powers and leading countries must wake-up and stop Indian Government from the genocide of Muslims. What would happen if millions of Hindu settlers, migrants and expatriates in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world face religious based retaliation? After all Indian Hindutva ideology like Hitlers’ fascism is a threat for the global peace.
— The writer is Professor of Politics and IR at International Islamic University, Islamabad.