Voice of Kashmir getting momentum


Malik M Aslam Awan

THE Secretary General of UN has departed after four-
day visit to Pakistan. During his visit the Secretary
General Antonio Guterress reiterated his pledge to take up Kashmir issue at his level best at the world forum-UNO. It is reminiscent to the whole world that Kashmir is the integral part of the same earth, on which, they are leading a rejoicing and plentiful life. The Kashmiris are live human beings, having the same rights of leading an honourable and free life like that of the rest humanity. Kashmir is burning and squeaking since the time, lapse of three quarters of a century. A sweeping majority of India-dominated Jammu and Kashmir is Muslim, since the time, knowing no bounds. Viceroy Lord Mountbatten intrigued with Sir Cyril Redcliff, the arbitrator of partition, saddled with the responsibility to delineate the boundaries of the two departing countries. Hindustan and Pakistan. Four Muslim majority districts, Gurdaspur, Ferozpur, Amritsar and Jalandhar were awarded to be the part of Hindustan. This injustice was done to the Muslims having a pre-planned and mature manipulation against the nascent country, Pakistan to put it in constant turbulence with the cunning Hindutva.
These four districts serve as exclusive corridor and access to Kashmir. Hindutva is the incarnation of morbid Hindu mind, amalgamated with the nuisance of RSS Modi having close association with R.S.S and intrinsic burning vehemence to tyrannize the Muslims of Gujarat in particular and the whole of India in general is the head of the poised think tank responsible of the demolition of Babri Mosque. Modi’s mind is the coppice of the thoughts ever designed and destined to devise the track of Indian affairs leading to the woes and sufferings of Indian Muslims. Modi harbours a burning venom against the Muslims. His motto is to promote Hindutva to the extent of making it a most viable professed religion, his venom flowed to create an impression that the other nations of India are not minorities but the aliens, having no hereditary right to exist on the soil of India. He is haunting malicious vision that except Hindus no other nation is the integral and inalienable entity to exist on the soil of India. His policies are drifted towards the objective of making the life of Muslims and other minorities so simmering as to make feel and think to get themselves voluntarily rusticated from Indian soil. Inhuman atrocities and indiscriminate general massacre has been inflicted on Muslims and other minorities, still not knowing an end.
Sikh community is the second largest population of India after the Muslims. Being the victims of the barbarism of Hindutva and RSS the Sikhs initiated a movement to have the Punjab freed from Indian subjugation, as an independent Sikh State serving as buffer state between, ever hostile India and Pakistan. Unluckily the Sikh Movement leaders were spied by elements still shrouded in mystery and the Sikh leaders were slained in the armed invasion on the golden Temple planned by Indra Gandhi, the then Premier of India. This saddest incidence provoked the Sikhs and the Indra Gandhi was assassinated by his Sikh guards, she received twenty nine bullets and succumbed to death. The assassination of Indra Gandhi somewhat appeased the burning minds of Sikhs but with the assassination of Gandhi, the Sikh Movement also slowed down even to have no fire in the ashes.
Modi has repealed the Articles 370 and 35-A from the Indian Constitution which were a strong guarantee for the exclusive independent status of the IoK. The repeal of these clauses are clearly headed towards the nightmare desire of Hindutva to manage like Israel, having dominating Hindu majority. Kashmiris have vowed to thwart the Modi mindset and uphold their independent status making incessant efforts for their liberty. India has deployed nearly one million armed soldiers to perpetrate atrocities on innocent Kashmiris. Kashmiri youths and even young girls are the indiscriminate target of Hindu armed forces. Innumerable sacrifices have been offered by the Kashmiri youth yearning to retain their liberty. Hindu armed forces are so cruel to rape the innocent Kashmiri girls, knowing no shame. Such barbarities and savage acts have been so rampant as to get stirred the world conscience.
Feeble voice of Kashmiris echoed so loudly and vibrantly to burst near ears of UN Secretary General and to attract his attention and vehement pledge to solve the issue of Kashmir. Antonio Guterress has strongly felt that Kashmiris have the exclusive hereditary right on Kashmiri soil and their inherent inalienable right cannot be torn out by constitutional manoeuvring. Kashmiris unheard voice has touched the world conscience and the most vibrant authoritative forum of the world-UN. A ray of hope is sparkling in Kashmiri minds that now their voice will not remain unheard and the days are near to accept their right of freedom from Indian yoke and their miseries will soon come to end. PM Imran Khan had adopted a wise and righteous policy and shrewdly pleaded the Kashmir case at world forums that his voice has shaken the ever built iron wall of world oblivion dashing to the ground with a bang, so as to shake the mind of the world and attract the sole authoritative forum of the world-UN-and the recent visit of Secretary General Antonio Gueterress will surely lead to the acceptable solution of the Kashmir issue.
—The writer is a freelance columnist and independent analyst based in Lahore.