Working women with disabilities call authorities to address their issues


Working women with disabilities were facing several hardships at offices in the federal capital due to deficiency of required facilities and demanded of the authorities concerned to formulate a mechanism to address their issues.

Similarly, they added residential places were neither constructed by the concerned departments according to the needs of the persons with disabilities nor offices were built keeping in view their requirements.

According to them, most of the buildings were not constructed according to their requirements or the availability of medical practitioners for them to regularly treat their life-long diseases or managing of any emergency-like situation.

Sana Ahmad, a differently abled working woman, said most of the offices do not have special ramps for easy access of physically challenged women and added that it was a big headache for them to approach offices with the help of colleagues which is not possible on daily basis. All required facilities should be added in the buildings to facilitate the physically challenged people, she added.

Another woman working with a private firm, Sadia Bhatti, said, “The problem which I had been facing was a non-conducive atmosphere for differently abled working women”. She urged to start training sessions for her colleagues to ensure a positive atmosphere for women with disabilities in offices.