Women progress: Breaking the barriers | By Nighat Leghari


Women progress: Breaking the barriers

CHANTING shameful slogans for full physical sovereignty etc on Women’s Day the Pakistani Muslim women earned hatred and resentment from the mail community instead of to motivate them to handover the real rights and honourable capacity.

Goals are always achieved with grace and humility not with force and fierce.Every March the world observes “International Women’s Day”.

It was March 8, 1857 when women working in New York city factories staged a protest over working conditions.

During women’s history the world celebrates the courage, foresight and resolve of women.Women’s Day is celebrated to increase awareness and knowledge of the historical contributions of notable and ordinary women in hopes that the day will soon come when it will be impossible to teach or to learn history without recognizing their contributions.

Dr.Shally Shaywitz, a behavioural scientist at Yale University School of Medicine says, “As far as I know this is the first time that anyone has been able to demonstrate anything functionally difference between men and women.

” There has been substantial research of gender difference in the brain but these studies could not explain the difference.Men use a small area in the left side of the brain while women use area in both sides.

Psychologists have found that women do better on certain tests like those measuring verbal speed and that men do better on other task like imagining what an object would like if it were rotated.

Neurologist has also found that women seem to recover better from strokes in the left hemisphere of the brain where language abilities are thought to be situated.

The population of women is 52% which can play a vital role in the economic, social and democratic development of a country.

Now the men oriented society has come to know that if half of the world’s population remains vulnerable to economic, political, legal and social marginalization our hope of advancing democracy and prosperity will remain in serious jeopardy.

US has launched a program named “Vital voice” for global women’s issues which invests in emerging women’s leaders and their works to expand women’s role in generating opportunities, promoting political participating and safe guarding women’s rights.

Unfortunately since the very beginning even in the most ancient history the position of women of pre-Islamic era is evident to all when the daughters were buried alive even in early Christianity the women were regarded as evil tempted, responsible for all of the men.

In France, in early Anno Domni a meeting was held as to weather a women should be treated as human being or not?

Henry VII forbade women of touching Bible and catholic churches treated women as second class citizens.

This is an undying fact that the women the poor nobody being a naive creature has always been at the receiving end.

The man who by virtue of physically stronger want to dominate her on all sides.Unluckily parents also play a prejudice role by expressing good feelings for their male children, they prevent the female children to come out at any aspects of progress.

Since the majority of the Muslims are ignorant of the Islamic teachings and traditions in which Islam encompass all the affairs related to females, men have not fixed the true status of the women.

American women joined the diplomatic services in 1920.More than 14000 women are serving in the highest posts in foreign and interior services.

Now 50% of NASA employees are women and 33% of agency’s scientists and employees are women.

In 1998, in the history of space flights the flight director and the launch commentator between the mission control and the crew known as CAPCOM were all females.

An American Astronaut Shannon Lucid says I was only 20 years of age when I received Pilot license and I became astronaut in Mir when I was mother of three children.

The above narration of Lucid contradicts the claim of men that working women have deprived their families from the conjugal bliss.

Similarly in Asia there are a lot of women who retained the top most leading positions in their own countries and conveniently coincided with both the duties in house and offices and did not bring any cause of domestic wrangling.

There was a time when women were not allowed to participate in any type of sports events but now our young women have been entered in to main streamline of sports activities and achieved very high rankings.

Now they have found the fact that training of the mind through physical fitness has an important part of being a well minded individual and often become a source of self security and self confidence.

Giving horrible accounts against women victimization a news paper “The Time” from Hong Kong reads, a bizarre adventure of criminal practices against females specially in Pakistan is in progress, physical hitting, acid throwing, rapes and massive rapes and many types of deprivations have become the order of the day.

A large number of women victims are hospitalized and die every day but most of the cases are not registered, reluctance shown by the victims to report the victimization is due to fear of retaliation in form of further abuse and disgrace in family set up.

These reports are sometimes dismissed as symptoms of vendetta but now breaking down the barriers in their way to progress women have confiscated their true status of inequality, dignity and freedoms in their way to progress in many parts of the world if it is America, Europe or Asia.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Multan.


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