Woman dies two weeks after security guard performs surgery at Lahore’s Mayo Hospital


LAHORE – A woman died on Sunday days after a security guard posing as a doctor performed surgery on her at Mayo Hospital in Punjab Capital.

Muhammad Waheed Butt, the imposter surgeon, had operated on Shameema Begum, 80, to treat her back wound at the public hospital in the eastern city of Lahore.

The patient was taken back to the hospital by family after her wound got worsened despite the surgery for which the relatives had paid to Butt.

Upon reaching the hospital, they discovered that the surgeon who had performed the surgery was a security guard.

The hospital administration has placed the body of the elderly woman in cold room to perform an autopsy that will determine whether the death happened due to the complications of botched surgery.

Police have arrested the guard, who had also been posing as a doctor and treating patients in the past also.

Hospital staff said the security guard was fired two years ago for trying to extort money from patients. It has also emerged that he had performed the surgery with the assistance of an attendant of the operation theater.