With envoy in Moscow, Kabul sees growing ties with Russia


The caretaker government of Afghanistan a day after the handover of the Afghan embassy in Moscow to the Islamic Emirate’s envoy, said the move will strengthen diplomatic relations between the countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday said the Afghan embassy in Moscow was handed over to the Islamic Emirate’s diplomat, adding that the Islamic Emirate thanks the Russian Federation for accrediting its representative.

Officials of the Islamic Emirate assert they have the right to lead Afghan embassies to interact with world accountably.

“The government’s envoy received credentials from Moscow. We thank Russia for this move and hope to provide consular services for our compatriots in that country,” said Inamullah Samangani, deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate.

According to officials, Afghan diplomats have started missions in various countries including China, Iran, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and some Gulf and African countries.

“Accrediting a diplomat of the Islamic Emirate and … the handover of the embassy, shows ties between Russia and the Taliban,” said Norullah Raghi, a former Afghan diplomat. Although diplomatic offices of over 10 countries are open in Kabul, no country has announced official recognition of the Islamic Emirate’s government in Afghanistan.—Tolo News


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